A place where people can RP pokemon.
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WHOOOHOOO! Hello! Empty
PostSubject: WHOOOHOOO! Hello!   WHOOOHOOO! Hello! I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 08, 2013 7:26 pm

Hello there! I am Electra - a pokemon... er.. reserch-..trainer-o-..thing. ...Something something.
As I can see, the forum is dead, oh 8D Maybe the whole thing will come back to life at some point.. We'll see.
I've been RPing for seven months now, but I haven't RP'd on pokemon site.. At least not a site like this. Er, I still have little problems with English (making logical sentences? ...PFFT), buuuut I hope that we'll understand each other. Somehow.
Well, I'm off to write my character bio. ..I don't really know if someone can has Eevee as a starter.. Is it a regular starter? Allowed in RPs? Or.. not really?
Ah, I'll find out.
Anyway, yeah, hai there, dead forum!
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