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 Rayna Ocean

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PostSubject: Rayna Ocean   Rayna Ocean I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 01, 2013 5:46 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
Name: Rayna Ocean
Age(Must be older than 10): 13
Place of Birth/Region: Kanto
Personality: Delise is an awesome person. She’s loud, she’s crazy, funny and she can be a little shallow but one of the best people to be around. She loves water type pokemon and never backs down.

Attire/Appearance: hawiian print skirt and top.
Height: 6’0
Weight: 109 pounds
Body/figure: She has a beautiful figure

Flaws(At least two): She’s crazy and hot-headed.
Experience: She’s not new at all, she lives with a dozen different types of water pokemon.
Starter Pokemon: Melotic
Life before you met your pokemon: Rayna’s family ( A very small clan) lives on a ship in the ocean. Their ship is large and noticeable, the travel around Kanto giving tours of the coean and shows. Rayna has been around water types since she was a baby and there is NOTHING she doesn’t know about them. Their ship was used for caring for sick or wounded pokemon which is how she met melotic. She was only eight. Melotic helped Rayna escape the harsh water that killed her family. And she’s been on her own ever since than. Rayna lived on a beach where she was protected by melotic. When she turned ten she found wounded a lot of wounded pokemon that she warmed up too. Rayna left the beach for once and discovered that battling made her happy. It took her mind off the death of her family. She has completed Kanto and is on her way to Johto with her incredible pokemon.
Rp Example: Rayna looked back at the Kanto region. She hoped that her memories would stay there, but she knew that would never happen. Here she would be known as the orphaned beach girl. But she knew who she was. She was Rayna Ocean, descent of the People of the Water. She grasped her necklace. The one her mother handed to her before she died. She has to arrive in this new region with attitude. Attitude and faith that she will get through this.
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Rayna Ocean
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