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 News Update 9/24

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PostSubject: News Update 9/24   Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:03 pm

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Hey guys it's Andevix with our first ever news update, well first in the news is that we now have a news update thread which your on right now. Second I will be making a brand new region so we can all rp in, I shall be showing sneak peaks of the new region from time to time on this news update thread. Also the first sneak peak is myself as a pokemon trainer sprite at the top. Furthermore I will be creating the region, gym leaders, badges, elite fours and the champion from scratch so it will take time to open up this brand new region. I will also be posting the gym leaders I made and you guys can apply to use them as a canon character. I will put up the requirements for the application down below. I will be pm-ing some members for information please be secretive about what I pm you so other members don't find out Very Happy Stay tuned for my next news update about the brand new region coming to LOP. *BTW if you would like to zoom in to see my avatar save it and open it up on paint then zoom in to see the details.*

Gym leader canon application requirements:

What gender, what pokemon element type, along rp sample *at least 3 sentences to a paragraph*. Pm me your application and I will get back to you ASAP.
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News Update 9/24
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