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 Sabrina *Gym leader*

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PostSubject: Sabrina *Gym leader*   Sabrina *Gym leader* I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 11:12 pm

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Name: Sabrina
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Trainer Catergory: Saffron City Gym Leader
Birthplace: Saffron City
Pokémon On Hand: Alakazam, Mr. Mime, Jynx, Hypno, Haunter

Appearance: Sabrina is 5’7 tall, thin and average looking girl of her age. Her hair is a grayish blue hue but looks dark green in the sun and is usually straighten to the mid of her back or cut short and flipped in the back. Her eyes are a deep blue that sometimes seem to change to a dark green just like her hair. She almost never puts any Jewelry on her neck or eyes and never put anything in her hair.
Sabrina’s closet is filled with plain and simple clothing. When it’s hot or any regular day she wear a purple or dark colored short tank top and some white pants. When it’s cold or raining she likes to put on her red and black jacket, black skinny jeans and her boots that match her jacket colors. She is known to wear two metal psychic controlling bracelets one on each wrist, which Sliph Co designed for he so she wouldn’t accidentally use her psychic powers in different situations. The only time she doesn’t use the bracelets is inside the Saffron City Gym when she trains but still wears them when a challenger wants to battle.

Personality: When she is outside of battle she is a very calm and quiet girl. She usually never talk unless she really has to, also the only people she actually talks to no matter what are her pokemon. Sabrina also thinks ahead most of the time when she trains with her pokemon and almost never stops thinking about strategies when she is training. She is also known to always have a plan A and B no matter the situation. Sabrina always thinks in a cause and effect matter no matter if she’s training or battling.
When Sabrina is in a battle her whole personality changes. She is focused in only three things, the battle itself, her pokemon and her strategies. She is known to show almost no expression so opponents don’t get one step ahead of her. Sabrina also sometimes talks telepathically to her pokemon ut this is only on Advanced battles and that is also the only time she doesn’t wear her bracelets during battle. Sabrina likes to mislead her opponents into think that she might lose or not know what to do but that’s just a trap and a step into her plan.

Personal History: Sabrina’s father was psychic, he had the power to teleport and telekinesis. When Sabrina was four he powers manifested when she was able to bend a spoon with her mind. Her father was proud that his little girl had inherited his psychic power. Her mother on the other hand was worried because what if she couldn’t control it and she just went around causing havoc. Sabrina’s father convinced her mother that everything would be fine because he would teach Sabrina to control and use her new psychic ability.
Two years later when Sabrina was Six she started advancing her powers, now she could do the same as her father. At the age of ten she completely surpassed her father, she was stronger psychic powers and she could use teleportation, telepathy, psychokinesis, and transmutation. Her father was proud that she surpassed the master and learned far more then he could have. Her mother was still worried on the inside about her psychic power not knowing if she had the responsibility to use them correctly.
Sabrina that same year left for her journey and her father gave her an Abra as her starter. She traveled through out the Kanto region collecting badges, seeing pokemon, meeting new people and training her psychic powers. When she was 12 she finally was able to challenge the Elite Four after she collected all seven badges *Seven because Saffron didn’t have a gym and only a fighting dojo that was trying to turn into a gym*. Sabrina soon challenged the Elite Four having to retry again and again but after about what felt like a hundred times she was able to defeat the Elite Four.
The Champion told her that she could face him or become the gym leader of Saffron City. She agreed to the second choice and they built a Gym in Saffron City, which took five years. When Sabrina was 17 she became the Saffron City Gym Leader. The Fighting Dojo down the street was furious that they didn’t become the city Gym and they started marching in protest in front of the new gym. Sabrina agreed with the head leader of the dojo to a battle, winner becomes gym leader of the City. After a very close battle Sabrina came out victorious and stayed gym leader. Sabrina also began teaching other people to use their inner psychic powers at the gym as well.

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Sabrina *Gym leader*
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